Transformation of Things

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  • Artist: Tuan Mu
  • Release year: 2021
  • Running time: 00:04:53
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The Transformation of Things originates from Zhuangzi’s writings : the chapter “Qi Wu Lun” attempts to point out the dynamic relationship between Subject and Object, reality and illusion, a relationship as much opposed as united. With VR work, Transformation of Things sets up a special system of observation. The Viewer begins as an observer outside the virtual object, then throughout an ongoing immersion inside the object, it goes on to observe the inner structure of the virtual item. Following how the Subject’s position keeps on delving inside the Object, it eventually passes from the outside in, through the material structure of the virtual object: texture, polygon mesh, armature, coordinates. Ultimately, the Subject exhausts the virtual entity, the very visibility of its external materiality, and dives into the innermost part of it. Inside this space, materiality of the virtual entity is revoked, and by seeing the invisible Object, the Subject then faces the essence of the virtual. Tuan Mu is an artist and independent curator based in Taipei. Mu’s work is based on cultural and philosophical dialectic within the context of East Asian culture. Through technological art and new media, he attempts to reinterpret bodily perception in relation with space and time. The mediums include XR, generative AI, 3D animation, installation, ink painting and calligraphy. His works have been exhibited in Taiwan, Japan, China, Armenia, USA, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Italy and Greece.


// Credits: / 3D Animator | Dinoraisin / Interactive Program Designer | Lin Hung