VR All In This Together

  • Artist: Bianca Kennedy
  • Release year: 2018
  • Running time: 00:03:00
Rent via PayPal: 1€


In her 360° animation VR all in this together, Bianca Kennedy combines drawings with animated movements offering an immersive bathing experience. The theatrical staging of the bathtub has been Kennedy’s main subject for the past two years. The tub is not only a secure place to be naked — an environment approximating the feeling of being inside a mother’s womb — but is also a place giving time to ponder. In her three-channel video work We’re all in this together (a precursor to the 360° video), she gathered footage of bathing movie stars and analyzed how bathtubs function within feature films. In this 360° animation all based on her drawings, the viewer can now leave his/her place as a voyeur by stepping into the tub and simultaneously bathing with six different people.


Idea + drawing by Bianca Kennedy 3D and animation by Felix Kraus

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