About us

The Radiance App by Radiance VR enables you to watch video-based VR Art on your Oculus / Meta Quest 1 or 2 headset.

The App is a part of Radiance VR company that also maintains an international research platform for VR Experiences in Visual Arts on radiancevr.co

In April 2021, Philip Hausmeier and Tina Sauerlaender, co-founders of Radiance VR (2017), launched the Radiance VR App. After two successful collaborations with the VR ART PRIZE, and Gazelli Art House, the application now presents an exclusive selection of the latest and most inspiring VR art experiences for rent. Tina Sauerlaender on the App: “We are very happy and proud to finally launch the Radiance VR App which is an outstanding selection of 22 VR artworks by 22 artists from 14 countries. More will be added every month. Our app provides a new business model for VR art. Users can rent VR artworks for a small amount of money for 48 hours to stream or download the work and watch it with their Oculus Quest headset. We apply a model from the film industry to VR art to enable artists to earn revenues from their VR artworks that are expensive to produce. We aim for a sustainable sales model for VR art for the future that renders VR art visible and accessible to a large audience.”

To learn more about us, visit our site here.