• Artist: Hung Yu-Hao
  • Release year: 2020
  • Running time: 00:06:00
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Storefront overhangs in Taiwan, shaped by warm, rainy climate and historical policies, are a distinctive feature of urban architecture, blending public and private spaces. In Taipei's Wanhua District, these overhangs form a historical corridor where life's dynamism is captured. "Wanderland" uses 3D scanning to document the daily existence under these overhangs, creating a point cloud that crystallizes time. This melds the flow of human life with the passage of time, embodying an ever-expanding continuum of collective memory and emotion. // Bio: Hung Yu-Hao, born in Taipei in 1989, holds a Master's degree from the National Taiwan University of Arts in New Media Art. His works focus on urban streetscapes through moving images, blending virtuality and reality within new media contexts into geographic imagery. Skilled in aerial photography, 3D scanning, and virtual reality, he digitally transforms everyday streets, reflecting on historical memories and contemporary perspectives within neighborhoods.


(c) The artist

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