All Her Bodies

  • Artist: Elizabeth Leister
  • Release year: 2020
  • Running time: 00:10:00
Rent via PayPal: 2€


“All Her Bodies”, an experimental virtual reality project, merges poetic storytelling and volumetric filmmaking inside of an abstract world. Individual stories of interiority are recounted by five women diverse in age and ethnicity as intimate one-on-one encounters in the space. The project begins with a poem that leads the audience to five recollections of vulnerability, violence, strength, and empowerment collectively referencing female experience historically and now. Soundscapes and textured backgrounds suggest places or situations but remain abstract resulting in a dream-like fragmented memory space. Developed in Unity for the Oculus Quest, 10:00, 2020. Credits • Writer and Creator - Elizabeth Leister • VR Developer - Pariah Interactive • Sound Design – Noctvrnal • Composer – Clinton Rusich • Audio Engineer – Joel Krantz • Actresses – Janet Admasu, Lorinda Hawkins Smith, Jasmine Ibrahem, Sonia Norris, Isobel Roth

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