Labyrinth Museum

  • Artist: Ora Ruven
  • Release year: 2022
  • Running time: 00:06:16
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What makes the Art Museum a labyrinth? The mythological place that housed the monster that ate the young people who were thrown into it and could not find their way out. Much has been written about visitors to the Museum of Art who err among the many spaces gathered together, wondering in front of the texts written in ornate language, and embarrassed in front of works of art of the kind that say "even my little boy knows how to fiddle like this." And the artists? They are eager to display their work in a museum. This is the purpose of everything. I am in a museum, which means I exist, in the words of the philosopher. Here you will see what I did, and I place in the virtual labyrinth some of my works, confronting them with monuments that the whole world knows. And as time goes on I do not know: my work will / will not hang on one of these endless walls, and will lie / or not, in one of its warehouses lost and forgotten like the girls thrown to the Minotaur who devoured them and they disappeared into it.