A Glimpse of the Mind Landscapes

  • Artist: CURIOSKI (Cheng Yi-Ting, Li Yi-Ho)
  • Release year: 2022
  • Running time: 00:04:36
Rent via PayPal: 2€


A Glimpse of the Mind Landscapes” is a three-piece VR installation series. The design is to explore the thinking of the human mind through VR based on the Philosophy of Mind. The audiences will put on three kinds of the “brain plugin” and enter into different mind landscapes, where they are provided with somatosensory experiences that are distinct from what humans are currently capable of perceiving on their own. : This is a trip to completely free your mind from the limitations of body vehicles. You will fly through a sequence of life forms from the microcosm to the macrocosm, which provides the imagination of how the soul experiences the world. CURIOSKI is a new media art duo composed of Cheng Yi-Ting and Li Yi-Ho. They believe that VR has the potential to integrate with other new media materials, and bring humans unique sensory perception. In their works, they explore the mental world from different themes and keep developing a combination of visual and physical experiences through VR and interactive installations.


Credits: Artist / Director: CURIOSKI (Cheng Yi-Ting, Li Yi-Ho) Technical Director: Jerry Su Art Director: THEING Sound Designer: Ihsuan Lin Special Thanks: MoCA Taipei Open - Contemporary Art Center Sun Yi-Cheng

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