The ND-Serial (IV)

  • Artist: Armin Keplinger
  • Release year: 2021
  • Running time: 00:03:11
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THE ND-Serial is the latest work by Armin Keplinger and features a virtual blend of multiple VR-experiences, investigating and expanding on the definition of sculptural objects in VR. The centre of this formal aesthetic investigation is marked by the use of 4 different unique kinetic bodies that are staged in the three dimensional virtual space with its own possibilities and the absence of physical laws. The fil rouge of the work is the recurrent use of a thin vertical needle-shaped object that arranged in different numbers and shapes creates a monolithic unit. The viewer is gently guided around the needle blocks. At times sudden jumps are introduced to help establish new perceptions of scale and space, stability and fragility, abstraction and objectivity - disturbing the otherwise contemplative viewer’s journey. The surroundings of the virtual environment are modulated according to different layers of speed. In the seemingly lawless environment of ‘THE ND-Serial’, the last frontiers of Virtual Reality are stretched gracefully and effortlessly.


(c) the artist